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How To Start a Business Bank Account & Savings Account

Sep 22

Benefits Of Best Online Savings Accounts

Best online banks – Best online savings account- Best online savings accounts

Finding the online banks is not a difficult. Nowadays internet banking become very popular it serves money to the customers and providing a way to save the money. But finding the best and worth bank is not easy because we have to analyze each and everything such as interest rate, savings plan, customer service, etc. Some tips to find best online bank.

Gathering information


First of all you want to collect the information’s of all the online banks that include what are the interest rates providing? Is the customers service is good? Money transfer is fast or not? Are they having more number of customers? There service is safe or not? Regarding these questions you have to collect the information of the bank from the people’s opinion.

Plans and interest rate

In every bank there are of different plan some plans providing best offers to the customer either a short term or long term. The best plan should be which has the low interest rate. At present more number of people using debit cards for ticket reservations, online shopping, especially for money transfer. During these transactions some banks charges high interest rate so concentrate on it.

Service center

Service center is very major thing for online banking. If any problems occur to the customers they need a service center to clarify their doubts. If the service is not good then the bank is not at all prefer by the customer and never it will be a best one even though they have good plans and low interest rate. Also look at the transactions is performed in safe and secure manner or not because nowadays so many possibility for hacking.
Keep all in mind before selecting a best bank for creating an online account. I have list out some online banks that offering the value of money and best service.

 Ally Bank

In earlier this bank is named with GMAC, now it’s changed its name into Ally with new image, slogan and purple colored. The selection of Ally Bank is really a right choice for your online banking with competitive interest rate. Their account rate is 0.84% APY with no minimum balance and no monthly fees. This bank also offering maximum earning with Ally high yield CDs.

FNBO direct

FNBO refer to be First National Bank of Omaha which providing high interest savings loan with possibility of banking on online. As like Ally bank here also no minimum balance and no monthly fees. The account rate is 0.65 Annual Percentage yield. The banks savings rate are 25% higher than the average of national.


EverBank is one of the online banking which offers high interest checking account. Their interest rate is 0.76% APY with minimum balance $1,500 ongoing up to $50k. They are providing security for the customer’s money. In addition to the highly produced checking account they also provide money market account and variety of CD’s.

ING Direct

ING Direct stands for International Nederlanden Groep which offers wide variety of account and service for the customers in online. Their saving account rate is 0.80% APY and their high yield checking account is 0.20% to 0.90%.

These banks are FDIC insured so your money is safe and secure.

Click here to know “what is a current account“.

Sep 22

Have You Heard Of Post Office Savings Bank Account ?

Passbook savings account – Post office bank account – Post office savings account

If you have an account in any of the bank, you will be provided a passbook. A passbook is nothing but a small book that has record of transactions made with your account. Passbook savings account is nothing but a book that maintains the record of your savings account. A passbook may contain all information like date and time of the transaction, deposit or withdrawal of the amount and by whom, etc. Passbook is used mainly for accounts that have very less transactions like savings account. In the earlier years, passbooks were used to withdraw money, from a different branch provided the signature matches the one which was sent by the branch where the account was opened. In India, post office do offer savings account for people to save money. Post office savings account is another alternative to open savings account for people, who are uncomfortable with online banking systems.

To save the hard earned money, it is necessary to have a bank account. But there are lots of banks that offer you enough opportunities. To choose the right thing, it would be post office bank account. As opening a savings account would provide you better interest rates, guarantee on returns, security, savings on tax and lots other benefits, it is good to you. Savings deposit is one of the best schemes that is available for you to save the money and also gains you some interest over some period of time. You can also have a joint account so that two or more people can have access to the account. Recurring deposit lets you to invest some money periodically, say a month for certain fixed time and this investment along with the interest will return back to you at the time of maturity.

This type of deposits can easily convert your assets to cash. Make sure about penalty that can be levied on you for withdrawal of the cash before premature. Fixed deposit, is one method of investing money for people who have lump amount. Interest rates depends on how long the money stays in the account. Penalty will be levied if fund is withdrawn before the maturity period. Post office savings are offered by department of posts and this allows the account holder to use any of the schemes like recurring deposit, time deposit, monthly income, public provident fund (PPF) and National Savings Certificate (NSC).

Today there are about more than 20 crore account holders in post office that are operated by several thousands of post offices across India. Systematic investment plan is another popular method of investing money in India. This lets any ordinary investor to spend money on mutual fund. This type of investment would help the investor to invest on a regular basis rather than investing all at a time. You can invest very minimum to maximum amount depending on your capacity. This type of schemes will help you in getting additional money and this would solely depend on you that what kind of account would best suit you.


Sep 22

High Yield Savings Accounts

High interest bank accounts – High yield savings accounts – Internet savings account

High interest bank account will provide high yield savings account it can be easily done through internet savings account.High interest bank accounts are difficult to find at beginning stage. We have certain bank with interest bank accounts.

People lost their faith in banks because of the economy which caused the nose dive where a group of banks dived along with it. FDIC will ensure your deposit up to twenty five lakh dollar, which might get reduced in future up to ten lakh dollar. In case of downfall in banking economy your will not lose your principle rate which will be safeguarded by the FDIC.

high interest bank accounts

Checking Accounts along with Interest

Around many years before financial institutes provided interest for checking account. There is no need to check interest rate but   you have to check for the high interest bank accounts. If the bank allows you to check interest rate offered by bank then you can invest all your hard earned money in that account.

There are lots of financial institutions which offer high interest bank accounts along with the special rates for customers which include the checking and the savings account.

Special Savings Account

We have many special savings account which offers special interest rate greater than the average amount. They have special rules for these special accounts. To meet out the requirements you must earn decent interest amount. You will become tired with some accounts at initial stage and sometimes it may decrease your amount and will make you to lose your confidence.

Shop for some High Interest Bank Accounts

You must shop around to find the bank accounts which will help you high interest for your money. Some feels old things as loyalty for banks   located at their area, and most of them will quit at certain stage not beyond their backyard.

Even the internet savings account is the best choice for saving your amount, where you can make easy transaction.

High yield savings account always creates some interest in individuals mind.  High yield savings account provides more interest on savings amount. High yield savings account is provided by most of the banks to make sound decision in their investment. You must have clear concept with terms for your saving account whether they are fixed or free to withdraw the money from the account on any time.

 Real intention of savings account is to save the money. Some amount of saving is better than without saving any money in saving account. You can utilize the internet saving account which saves your time and energy. Interest rate calculation is very important for savings account. Check out whether you interest rate is calculated on daily, yearly or the monthly basis whereas the daily interest rate will provide you more interest rate, where the monthly and annual interest will provide you same interest rate. Another aspect on growth of money is through compounding effect on your interest payment as the interest rate will be very high as interest rate is credited previously to your account. It is better to know about the advantage and disadvantages of your savings account.

Click here to see know more on fixed rate savings bonds.



Sep 22

Best Fixed Rate Saving Bonds

Fixed rate savings bonds – Savings bonds rates – Best fixed rate savings

Fixed rate savings bond is a type of savings bond rates. It is better utilized by investing in best fixed rate savings.Fixed rate savings bonds accounts have different nature, so it is better to get an advice from the investment advisor which will be helpful in investing your money in good deal. As a investor you have to make a research on fixed rate savings bond before making decision on investment.

best fixed rate savings

Put all the eggs in one basket

Avoid spreading your cash on different investment institution, in case of your institution fails on holding your savings amount. You can cover up your amount till eighty five thousand in your account, so plan to invest more than eighty five thousand dollars in single institute.

No need to plan for you future expenses in case of your investment on car, weddings, holidays in case of your investment in bond.

Trusting on IFA bank if they provide you one percentage for your account then you must research on other fixed rate savings bonds before singing in documents.

Avoid ISA allowance: fixed rate savings allowance will place you ISA s charges which is tax free.

Avoid regular saving account: regular savings account offers the fixed rate till 12 months. They have high rates than fixed rate savings bond.

Avoiding other benefits:  In case you are sophisticated investor. You must consider the extra benefits while holding large savings account. For an example if you save fifty thousand dollar  with HSBC account  you can avail HSBC account along with free travel insurances,  which will save you hundred dollars which is equal to 0.2% yearly on fifty thousand dollar annually.

Do you have any idea about savings bond rate where you lend some money from government for some amount at certain interest?  Its nominal value is equal to the two times of the amount which you paid the government. You may pay one thousand but it is worth for two thousand.

Government savings bonds rate will take many years to attain its face value. It is difficult task to estimate the amount as the security vale is contingent on differing market value on treasure notes.

Any way the government value will not get increased during low market rate.  But normally EE value will take 20 years for maturity where the maturity of bond is influenced by market value.

It is difficult to handle governments’ savings bonds rates.

Best saving account rates will tell you the exact return from your investment on specified period. Best fixed rate savings account is famous which has low risk or no risk.

Base rate

Main advantage of best fixed rate savings account is that the customer cannot withdraw his amount for specified period.Base rate will not increase your savings rate.

You must have crystal clear idea before you invest in fixed interest savings account. As you increase your risk your deal will also get increased but the amount will be fixed for certain period and cannot be withdrawn till the end of fixed period.  True fact is that as you increase your period your base rate gets decreased.


Sep 22

Bank Accounts For Children & Students

Bank accounts for children – Childrens bank accounts – Best student bank accounts

If you are a parent and finding different ways to save money for your child in the future, then you can open a bank account in the name of your kid. There are several financial institutions that offer bank accounts for children. In this era which is full of financial problems, children must be taught of why bank accounts are necessary and they must get learnt about online banking and local facilities. Saving money right from the early stage of their life can help them to lead a successful life. As if many banks are offering accounts, you must choose the right and beneficial childrens bank accounts. Before actually opening an account, do some researches online or even visit the bank to get the doubts cleared.

childrens bank accounts

Deposit some fund in the account periodically and also teach your kid to contribute a little to savings. The bank too will pay some interest to your account and by this way your child’s account can get some additional amount. Some banks do not even charge for transaction fees. Take them to bank for depositing money and this will help to crop up interest to deposit more money. Some banks are providing interesting ways for a kid to develop the habit of saving money. This would be the best way to save money for the future. A bank for a child will be good if he/she is a teenager and doing some part time job. They can deposit money from what they are earning from that job.

To open a childrens savings account , all you have to do is to select the bank that best suit your needs and fill the application form for the type of account you want. Provide all type of identity proofs like birth certificate of your child or any other proof that is acceptable to the financial institution. To open bank accounts for children would require very less minimum balance. Some bank accounts are in the control of their parents or guardians until they reach a certain age. After this certain age, the power of the bank account is switched to the child. You can also make use of children’s bonds that would yield you high interest rates. If your kid is a student, then it would be better to use the best student bank accounts.

Do some researches online and find a bank that offers 0% on the amount that your kid has withdrawn from the account as loan.But do remember that not to borrow too much of money as if you are the one who would be going to pay back the amount. Make sure that you have student account in the single bank. In case, if the banks are succeeds to find you having students account in some other bank, they can stop your account. But surely you can switch to other bank on repaying all debts as if you find the customer service is not good.


Sep 22

Find A Best Savings Accounts For Children

Best childrens savings accounts – Savings accounts for children – Childrens savings account

As a parent, you must consider about your child’s future. You can open a savings account or else you can buy bonds for your child. The best childrens savings accounts can be the online bank account. It is very much important to teach your kid about different terminology used in banks and the benefits of both online and local types of banks. By teaching this at an earlier stage of life, your kid can spontaneously catch the financial aspects in the upcoming years. There are many banks that offer savings accounts for children but you must figure out the best one for your child. Also do discuss with your kid for opening childrens savings account. Explore different offering given by banks and then make the decision to open a savings account. Opening an account for children with best saving account rates motivates the children to save more.

savings accounts for children

Discuss about the interest rates that a bank would give to you and check out for the banks that offers highest rates. Also do check the customer services in each and every bank. Some child savings accounts are monitored by an adult until the child turns to a specified age. The parent can make regular deposits to this savings account and when needed they can be able to withdraw the amount. Your kid can also make a little contribution to his/her savings account. The fund that is saved in the account can be used later for education or health purposes. Purchasing bonds are another alternative to make money. Money will be available for your kid after the bond gets matured. Children must know to save money, which could be used in the future. They must also have knowledge on how to use banks, loan amount, credits given by banks and savings.

Opening a savings account for children, will make them learn more about finance at the earlier stage. Keep on depositing some money periodically and don’t worry on how small you deposit. At the end of each year, just look at the statement. This fund will grow huger some day. The main disadvantage of using a savings account is that bank would not pay high interest as that of bonds. Do not open a checking account so soon as if children can make use of their debit cards to purchase things and soon their account gets emptied. Fixed term savings account is another way to save money for your child’s future. Here, some fund is invested initially and this offers you high interest than that of any other accounts. The major disadvantage is that you can’t withdraw the invested amount until the fixed time. This fixed period can range between one to five years.

Another scheme to save money for your kid is Child trust fund. Here, some money is given by the government to the parents of every new born baby. Family and other relative can also deposit some money in this savings account. This type of investment is tax free. All the beneficial factors must be considered by the parents before opening a savings account in the bank. Have a conversation with your kid about this more than once to get a clear idea.



Sep 22

Get Best Saving Account Interest Rates

Savings account calculator – Best saving account rates – Best interest rates for savings

Savings account is one among the types of account that is offered by an approved financial institution. You have to deposit some money into the account and interest will be calculated at a fixed rate and that amount will get added to your account regularly. The best interest rates for savings account are varied from one bank to the other. Some banks use to maintain fixed rates and some have variable rates. Savings account calculator is of two types, one is the standalone program and the other being the online program. Standalone software do not require internet connection for its functioning but whereas the one which is present online, needs an internet connection.

It would be better to use the savings account calculator which is present at the bank’s official website. Using this calculator, you can manipulate the initial and periodic deposits to your account; interest rates; and how many years you are holding this account. This calculator also shows interest amount earned by your account. This type of tool will help you to make your banking works quickly. While speaking about the interest rates offered by the bank, you must be sure of banks that are offering the best saving account rates.

best interest rates for savings

You can check interest rates of different banks either by online or by actually visiting banks. Check the terms and conditions before signing the deal because some banks offer interest rates at the beginning. For instance, if your initial deposit is $2000 and for 3 months you deposit $100 each week then the total amount in your account will be $2000 + ($100*4*3)=$3200. The number 4 represents weeks in a month and the number 3 represents number of months for which the interest is to be calculated. So, the interest would be 5.3% and interest amount is $169.8 and is added to your deposit. Check for value added services offered by different banks.

When you do online shopping, the amount spent is rounded off to nearest value. The amount difference is added to your account and thereby increasing your interest amount. Check out for customer services in different banks. Some banks use to give penalty on your account as if you are closing the account before maturing. Hidden rates and bonus rates are checked before opening an account. Choose a bank that offers best interest rates for savings account. Most banks offer a less interest rate but do some research online and get to know more about high interest banks. Another method of getting more interest is by saving on your expenses. Some banks offer interest rates ranging from 2.4% to 6%. 3.5% is the medium range that most banks do offer.

Many banks are offering the best rates to attract customers and have their savings account opened in their bank. So, you must do some research online to get the best deal done. The interest rates in US and UK are about 3.5% and anyone can make use of this scheme and deposit as little as a penny and start earning the money.

Sep 22

What Is Meant By Current Account

What is a current account – What is current account – Current account definition

The bank is an ideal place to store your hard earned money. If you are to open an account in a bank, then there are two major types. One is the current account and the other is the capital account. The question is what is a current account ? Current account definition is very simple. It is nothing but the summing the balance of trade (difference between country’s exports and the country’s imports) and the factor income. A current account can increase the country’s net foreign income. This type of account is used by people who are getting for work first time and they need to deposit salary in it. Some banks allow only individuals aged 18 and above to have a current account.

what is a current account

Many people may doubt on what is current account and their benefits. It is a major measure for a country’s export trade. Here, private and government pays are encompassed in calculation. A country is deficit if it imports more goods or services than it actually exports. Current account surplus is a result of getting more income by exporting goods and current account deficit is the result of getting a loss in income as if goods are imported. The income account also known as net factor income is a sub-account of the current account, has outflows and inflows. Income refers to the profit gained by investing in abroad and also the amount sent by an employee, who is working in abroad to his family.

All constitute to the income account. This account must always be positive and in case if it is negative then you can be sure of one thing that your country is paying more than it gets. To do savings, your economy has to export more goods and services. The profit that is made out of it can be used to create foreign assets.There are different subcategories of income account which is linked to specific subcategories in capital account. Capital account is used to transfer any financial assets. From this, central banks can calculate the returns from foreign capital. There are lots of benefits on using current account; you can make transactions from one account to another very easily and quickly.

As internet is the biggest medium, you can make bank transactions online; if you are an employee, then your salary gets deposited to this type of account; you can pay bills online; you can issue cheques to anyone as if you have enough balance in your account; you can make use of the overdraft facility, which would help you to avoid cheques to get bounced. On having a current account, you will also be getting an interest paid to your account. Another big advantage of having a current account is that, you can avail loan so easily. This type of accounts are mainly given to business people as if they are stable in maintaining some big amount in their account and need to export their goods to foreign countries. So, to increase a country’s income, export rate must be higher than import rate.


Sep 22

Comparision Between The Various Business Bank Accounts

Compare business bank accounts – Small business bank account – Easy access savings

Compare business bank accounts before you start a small business bank accounts which will be easy access savings account for your business.

When you have planned to start a new business then you need to compare business bank accounts to get the best returns.In case you compare business bank accounts then you have to look for all the things from the initial stage till the end in bank accounts.  Verify with the accounts and select the best and easy access savings account to meet out your requirements.

small business bank account

To compare business bank accounts you need to visit a bank at your local area and get the details and the service list provide by the bank. Every bank differs from each other in savings account, business and loans.  Banking system differs based on your choice of account. Only few accounts are provided at fee of cost for your account but this will be applicable only in case of savings account.Compare business bank accounts and get clear information about the terms and conditions of bank in case of transaction.

Before you open small business bank account you have consider certain factors to make your investment profitable.  Business owner must consider location of company, business plan and company size to make his business successful.

Compare the bank features to identify the best small business account

After establishing your firms start researching for the bank, which suits your requirement. Compare and contrast those financial institutions located in your area with simple task.  Make all the information about the financial institution before you open the account as a schedule or the meeting with the financial institution cannot be made in future.

Have crystal clear information about the availability of bank service.Some bank will offer you great incentive but they lack in interaction with customers particularly in local banks. On the other side there are many online banking service which is easy access savings but they lack in account services required for business people which will not favor you at any cost.

Check out the charges changed by the bank as fees and the service charges. Initially the banking charge for service is high but in case of online they do not care any service charge.  So always try to find the correct charges for your personal or business accounts.

Don’t open the account on the basis of bank size. Most of the case business people depend on the bank to get their credit to manage the business condition. It is very difficult to get the credit from the bank whereas some business people manage to get their loans from small banks. As the small banks plays main role in strengthening the economy.You can find all the facilities provided by the bank easily through the banks website.

Easy access savings account is applicable only through the internet savings account which saves your precious time and money with high interest rate.It is easy access savings account from anywhere on any time. They are FDIC insured. They also offer special offers to attract the customers.Most of the best online banks provide twenty four hours service .



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