Sep 22

Best Fixed Rate Saving Bonds

Fixed rate savings bonds – Savings bonds rates – Best fixed rate savings

Fixed rate savings bond is a type of savings bond rates. It is better utilized by investing in best fixed rate savings.Fixed rate savings bonds accounts have different nature, so it is better to get an advice from the investment advisor which will be helpful in investing your money in good deal. As a investor you have to make a research on fixed rate savings bond before making decision on investment.

best fixed rate savings

Put all the eggs in one basket

Avoid spreading your cash on different investment institution, in case of your institution fails on holding your savings amount. You can cover up your amount till eighty five thousand in your account, so plan to invest more than eighty five thousand dollars in single institute.

No need to plan for you future expenses in case of your investment on car, weddings, holidays in case of your investment in bond.

Trusting on IFA bank if they provide you one percentage for your account then you must research on other fixed rate savings bonds before singing in documents.

Avoid ISA allowance: fixed rate savings allowance will place you ISA s charges which is tax free.

Avoid regular saving account: regular savings account offers the fixed rate till 12 months. They have high rates than fixed rate savings bond.

Avoiding other benefits:  In case you are sophisticated investor. You must consider the extra benefits while holding large savings account. For an example if you save fifty thousand dollar  with HSBC account  you can avail HSBC account along with free travel insurances,  which will save you hundred dollars which is equal to 0.2% yearly on fifty thousand dollar annually.

Do you have any idea about savings bond rate where you lend some money from government for some amount at certain interest?  Its nominal value is equal to the two times of the amount which you paid the government. You may pay one thousand but it is worth for two thousand.

Government savings bonds rate will take many years to attain its face value. It is difficult task to estimate the amount as the security vale is contingent on differing market value on treasure notes.

Any way the government value will not get increased during low market rate.  But normally EE value will take 20 years for maturity where the maturity of bond is influenced by market value.

It is difficult to handle governments’ savings bonds rates.

Best saving account rates will tell you the exact return from your investment on specified period. Best fixed rate savings account is famous which has low risk or no risk.

Base rate

Main advantage of best fixed rate savings account is that the customer cannot withdraw his amount for specified period.Base rate will not increase your savings rate.

You must have crystal clear idea before you invest in fixed interest savings account. As you increase your risk your deal will also get increased but the amount will be fixed for certain period and cannot be withdrawn till the end of fixed period.  True fact is that as you increase your period your base rate gets decreased.


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